Who we are

A multidisciplinary team headed by Alberto Gimeno Sandig and including Arist von Schlippe, Gemma Baulenas Ruvireta, Juan Coma-Cros i Raventós, Joaquín Uriach Torelló, Tom A. Rüsen and Lita Guilló Lledó. Each member brings key knowledge to the team.

Alberto is the head of Family Business at ESADE, which furnishes knowledge from its on-going research on over three thousand family businesses. This knowledge is pooled with scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Arist, Dean of The Witten Institute for Family Business, brings his expertise in psychology and family therapy, as well as family governance, business and training strategies and research.

Gemma contributes with her deep knowledge of family psychology and therapy, ensuring that our recommendations as consultants are soundly based on family relations. This fosters effective consultancy work.

Juan brings years of practice experience in various family businesses. He knows which families and businesses work best. His participation ensures that consultancy work always bears in mind the nature of families.

Tom heads The Witten Institute for Family Business, contributing his practical knowledge of German family businesses. He also conducts research into these firms at the Witten Herdecke University. He has  considerable experience of solving conflicts in this kind of company.

Lita makes sure everything works, providing her knowledge of those highly complex families that require special treatment and tact in bringing projects to fruition.