FBK Family Group Diagnostic

What does it consist of?

It is an on-line self-diagnostic that compares and processes in real time the information contained in the questionnaires completed by the family. The system ensures responses are anonymous since it highlights differences of opinion without attributing them to individuals.

Why is it useful?

  • It provides an objective appraisal of the situation that cannot be obtained by other means.
  • It compares how family members see the company. Objectively integrates individual information. There are no personal interpretations that might distort  findings.
  • It ensures anonymity. It is not important to know who thinks what but rather to objectively reveal differences in opinions that need to be bridged or squared.
  • The process is very fast. The report is automatically generated once the questionnaires have been completed.
  • The entrepreneur decides who fills in the questionnaires and hence who takes part in the report (the next generation, present shareholders, Board Members, and so on).

How is it used?

  • The entrepreneur or the consultant decide whether to make personal use of the report having obtained an objective view of how the family sees the company.
  • Alternatively, the entrepreneur or the consultant may choose to circulate the report among family members and discuss with them the causes of the differences of opinion identified. In many cases, differences narrow as a result and/or become more compatible. In other cases, strong differences persist.
  • If the situation is complex and strong differences remain, changes will be need to made in relations between family and company. In such cases, we propose: 

- Carrying out the FBK Professional Diagnostic and, based on its recommendations, work on the family situation.

- Requesting a work session with an FBK partner or associate