FBK Professional Diagnostic

What does it comprise?

Using an on-line self-administered questionnaire, the client anonymously fills in the information needed by the system to  generate an on-line diagnostic which:

  • analyses family-business relations
  • highlights areas that need more attention
  • proposes specific measures for implementation.

The diagnostic assesses:

  • The development of elements making up the structure of company-family relations:

Existence of institutions 
Family Council efectiveness
Board of Directors efectiveness
Executive Committee efectiveness
Work differentiation
Recognition of ownership 
Family accountability
Professionalism of Management Practices
Information structuring
Explicitation of the rules 
Differences management
Entrepreneurial capability
Non CEO dependence 
Succession Planning

  • Family complexity
  • Company complexity
  • Structural risk 

The diagnostic proposes customised measures:

The FBK Professional Diagnostic system examines the data entered and generates  proposals that allow the company concerned to adequately develop its  structure. It is not a question of developing structure as far as possible but  rather only to the extent required by the circumstances in a given case.